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 BBC: Who'd be a Banker
 BBC: Long Hours, Short Straw
 Business News Network: Wall Street Bankers Burning Out After 7 Years on the Job
 CBS Radio: How bankers export stress to the economy
 FOX Business: The mental, physical health risks of working on Wall Street?

 CNBC TV Interview: Stress for Investment Bankers Too High?


CNBC Korea: USC가 흥미롭지만 다소 씁쓸한 조사결과 발표했습니다.

Bloomberg TV Interview: USC's Michel on Overworked Wall Street Bankers

NPR Radio Interview: Investment Banking Hard on the Mind and Body

Deutsches Anleger Fernsehen: Ex-Wall Street Bankerin Michel - Warum Sie Ihren Job an den Nagel haengte

Deutsches Anleger Fernsehen: Alexandra Michel: Aus dem Leben eines Investmentbankers

RT: Who Runs Wall Street?

RT: Psychosis of Wall Street Bankers with Alexandra  Michel

KCRW: Working Too Much Isn't Good for Anyone
WNYC: Confessions of an Over-Caffeinated Trader
USC: Alexandra Michel on the Body's Role in Intellectual Performance
CCTV: USA - Wall Street Stress