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The Washington Post: Elon Musk is the 'poster boy' of a culture that celebrates 'obsessive overwork'


NZ Herald: Why working hard is bad for your health


Business Insider: 'If you keep working, you will die'


efinancialcareers: The truth about banking jobs and sleep


Financial Times: Wall Street still has lessons to learn about overworked staff


efinancialcareers: Morgan Stanley analyst quits for tech firm with a reputation for crazy hours


efinancialcareers: Morgan Stanley VP: "We were too busy to drink water"


Financial Times: Work pressure demands more downtime than a fleeting week off


Workflexibility: Lessons from Investment Banks and the Dangers of Overwork


CNBC: Second apparent murder-suicide hits JP Morgan


ASQ Blog: Transcending Socialization: A Nine-Year Ethnography of the Body's Role in Organizational Control and Knowledge Workers' Transformation


Times Higher Education: How many hours a week should academics work?


BBC News: Pushed to the limit as a banking intern


WUNC: Despite Grueling Hours, Consulting and Finance Keep Attracting College Seniors


IBT: Wall Street Pay Raises for Juniors A Sign of Millennials' Declining Interest in Banking


Business Insider: Stanford is supplying stressed-out doctors with meals, house cleaning, and life coaches


IBT: Amazon Backlash:'Always On' Tech Industry Sees Burned Out Workers


Bloomberg Business: For Harvard MBAs, Congrats on a Bank Job Really Means 'I'm Sorry'


iDone This: How Micromanaging Poisons Productivity and Creates a Vicious Cycle of Despair?


boston.com: Is anyone really working 80 hours a week?


womenetics: When to Say When


efinancialcareers: Junior Bankers are still tragically overworked. What can be done about it?


Financial Times: Banks Try to Protect Their Young


BloombergBusinessweek: Wall Street Discovers the Best Way to Drive Workers: Hand Them the Whip


Bloomberg: Young Bankers Fed Up with 90-Hour Weeks Move to Startups


Manager Magazin: Nach Vier Jahren Ist Schluss


Huffington Post: How Wall Street's Life-Ruining Work Habits Hurt All of Us


El Mercurio: Los Peligros Que Esconde Ser Un Adicto Al Trabajo


Financial Times: Workaholic ex-bankers impose long-hours culture on new colleagues


Calcalist Israel Business News


CNN Money: Is there a suicide contagion on Wall Street?


The New Yorker: The Cult of Overwork


Bloomberg Businessweek: Why Investment Banking Jobs Should Come With a Surgeon General's Warning




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Wall Street Journal: Hazard of the Trade: Bankers' Health

Los Angeles Times: USC Study Shows the Price Wall Streeters Pay for Success

New York Times: Banking May Be Hazardous to Your Health

MSNBC: Investment Banking Should Come with a Health Warning, Study Shows

TIME Magazine: Study: Working on Wall Street Is Bad for Your Health

New York Magazine: Investment Banking Is Really Bad for Your Health

Fox News: Banking may be bad for your health

Forbes: Wall Street Hours Mean Health Troubles

New York Post: Investment banking can be dangerous for health, study shows

New York Observer: Study: Investment Banking Is Bad For You

Huffington Post: Young Wall Street Bankers Face Threat of Alcoholism, Eating Disorders, Crohn's Disease, Study

The Street: Wall Street Hours Mean Health Troubles

Der Spiegel (Germany): Unter Wall-Street-Bankern Ihr Seid Ja Alle Krank

Handelsblatt (Germany): Wenn Banker Ihren Körper missbrauchen

WestDeutsche Zeitung (Germany): Studie: Die Kehrseite der Wall Street

Das Investment (Germany): Investmentbanker: Fleißig, krank, leistungsschwach

Main Post (Germany): Die Kehrseite der Wall Street

n-tv (Germany): Dje Kehrseite der Wall Street

Der Standard (Austria): Das harte Leben an der Wall Street

Format (Austria): Krank und ohne Freunde: Die Kehrseite der Wall Street

Der Standard (Austria): Damit schafft man sich goldene Handschellen


Die Presse.com (Austria): Banker und ihre 120-Stunden-Wochen


Capital (France): Banquier à Wall Street, un métier dangereux pour la santé


Adevarul (Romania): Jobul într-o bancă te poate îmbolnăvi pe viaţă


Guangming Daily (China)


Negocios (Portugal): Quando a cabeça não tem juízo...


Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy): Insonnia, cardiopatie, disturbi alimentari: così la finanza nuoce alla salute dei professionisti


Detik Health (Indonesia): Gangguan Kesehatan Serius Banyak Dialami Bankir


EL CRONISTA (Argentina): Trabajar en Wall Street, una actividad que pone en peligro la salud


El Confidencial (Spain): Los banqueros de inversión, bajo el microscopio


Exame (Brazil): Sete Perguntas para Alexandra Michel


Newser: Investment Banking Hazardous to Your Health


American Public Media's Marketplace: Investment banking hard on the mind and body


Business Insider: Investment Banking May Cause Insomnia, Alcoholism, Heart Palpitations, Eating Disorders And Explosive Temper


Houston Business Journal: Is Investment Banking a Health Hazard


Main Street: On Wall Street, Long Office Hours Lead to Health Troubles


Fierce Finance: The sad personal toll of investment banking


Everday Health: Investment Banking May Tax Your Health


Here Is The City: Investment Bankers End Up Sleep-Deprived


Oman Daily Observer: Where success takes toll on the financial elite's health




Bullish on Uncertainty

Bullish on Uncertainty Book

USC Public Relations: Banking on Uncertainty in Troubled Times

Newswise: Facing Uncertainty? Create More, Says New Management Book

Habilidades Directivas, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid: Aumentar la incertidumbre mejora los resultados de la organización

Management-Issues: Why the world needs more clueless bankers

Imperial Valley News: Banking on Uncertainty in Troubled Times

BNET: Does More Uncertainty Make Better Bankers?

ManagersOnline.net: Meer bankiers die niet weten wat ze doen graag!

Wharton@Work: Thought LeadersThe Story of Two Banks: The Role of Uncertainty in Ensuring Survival

Chief Learning Officer: Questioning and Collaboration Can Help Banks Avoid Miscalculations

News Blaze: Facing Uncertainty? Create More, Says New Management Book

USC Election 2008: Curing Wall Street


Newswise: Key Management Strategies; Five unusual practices that organizations can employ to maximize employee effectiveness.

USC News: Management Strategies Outlined on YouTube

YouTube: Alexandra Michel - Bullish on Uncertainty


USC Public Relations: Key Management Strategies: What Worked on Wall Street Can Suit the Knowledge Industry


Certification Magazine: USC Marshall Professor Believes Amplifying Uncertainty is Key


Cambridgeblog.org: Wall Street, Uncertainty, Experitse, and Regulation


Talent Management: USC Marshall Professor Believes Amplifying Uncertainty is Key


USC Politics and Society: Curing Wall Street


Innovations Report: Key Management StrategiesFive unusual practices that organizations can employ to maximize employee effectiveness


Management-Issues: The Working Week 83 - Was the financial meltdown a failure of regulation or a failure of management?


nigelpaine.com: What I Learned at Learning 2009