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Dr. A. Alexandra Michel

Leadership Development for

CEOs, Presidents, Board Members, and High-Potential Business Leaders.



CV/ New Publications

Professor at Penn’s Graduate School of Education

Founder of Penn’s ACCE program
(Athletes Career Change Executive Program)

Wharton Ph.D.

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Scientific Journal Editorial Board Member
(Administrative Science Quarterly, Organization Science)

Former Investment Banker at Goldman Sachs in New York

Published in Top Academic Outlets








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        Representative Services


Organizational Adaptation, Learning, and Innovation

Help companies:

  • Manage continuous change

  • Implement cultures of innovation and excellence

  • Integrate merger partner cultures

  • Innovate by teaching employees to analyze user and client experience


Leadership and Talent Development

Coach senior executives in leading “bottom-up,” by harnessing insights of important employees and clients

Assist companies in identifying, attracting, selecting, reviewing, developing, and retaining top talent, including:

  • Identifying critical competencies for jobs

  • Designing evidence-based interviewing program

  • Designing review and evaluation processes

  • Designing and teaching leadership development program

Prepare high-potential individuals or cohorts of employees to reach the next career stage

Outplace senior executives and cultivate business-generating alumni network


Client Relations and Consultative Selling

Implement a consultative approach to selling and train sales force

Help executives to cultivate persuasive writing, presentation, and speaking skills

Prepare executives and entrepreneurs for important presentations, such as pitches


Athletes Performance Optimization

Coach athletes to build psychological power


Individual Career Development, Reorientation, and Job Placement

Help individuals change careers by reassessing interests and skill, identifying alternative career paths,  and coaching on resume building and interviewing



Executive Testimonials

“You helped us capture opportunities for innovation that we had not even seen before.”

“You thinking pointed us in a completely new direction and helped us leapfrog over our competition.”

“Five star – excellent content and very engaging.”

“Brilliant! Fantastic! Wish we could have more time with her! Her book … was outstanding. She did a great job … presenting provocative ideas.”

“Alexandra was awesome. I loved her content, her teaching style, her confidence, and expertise. The concepts around Individual and Organization Bank are fascinating and really challenged my thoughts around organizational learning.”

“Fantastic! … Alexandra is fabulous in front of a group, enthusiastic, brilliant and funny. Perfect combination. What more can you ask for. Really learned so much from this session about something I never thought about. Will go and read the rest of the book.”

“Alexandra was the best instructor yet. Her style was highly interactive, yet she maintained strict control of our progress toward the research ideas. … Very expertly guided learning! Thanks for the many critical insights and paradigm-busting ideas. I don’t think I’ll sleep well tonight with the intellectual stimulation.”

“Intimidating presence, brilliant.”

“She was wonderful – I learned a lot and her energy and passion was contagious. She had some deep knowledge on the topic…”


Scholarship Praise


This book is a “must read” for everyone living in the current economic crisis. Scholars, employers, employees, and students alike will find this material accessible, thought provoking, and certainly informative. Society’s current need to understand the economic crisis will be well served in reading and discussing this book.

 - Journal of Language and Social Psychology


Investment bankers and investment banks have long shrouded what they do in a veil of mystery that has made serious study of the people and institutions difficult if not impossible. This is unfortunate given their deep importance to our culture and economy. Bullish on Uncertainty makes a significant contribution to our understanding of what drives the success of the best of these organizations.”

 - Jonathan Knee, Senior Managing Director of Evercore Partners


Bullish on Uncertainty is a stunning illustration of the intricate interplay between culture and human development.  It sets a new standard that should be a beacon for the development of both theory and practice in years to come.

 - Michael Cole, University of San Diego


This brilliant study provides some quite counterintuitive insights into how we function in today’s cutting-edge organizations and how these organizations change us. The range and depth of scholarship generate a new level of understanding of the psychological and organizational forces at work in today’s economy.

 - James Wertsch ,Washington University in St. Louis


…a powerful combination of theoretical reasoning and careful observation. …

 - Kenneth Gergen, Swarthmore


Bullish on Uncertainty is among the best portrayals of the link between psychology and organizational culture that I have ever read.

 - Doug Guthrie, New York University